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Enhance your communications

We enrich your institutional, advertising or community communication ecosystem using your key data : geolocation for points of sale, product availability, pricing, distribution channels (click & collect, delivery, pickup), etc.

Simplify the buyer’s journey

Allow your potential customers to plan their purchases with just one click. They’ll have access to useful information that will help them make a decision and choose the purchasing method best suited to their needs.

Customize your strategies

Collect data on your products’ commercial trends including geographic area, partners, distribution channels, etc. to help inform your strategies daily.

Our solution

Click2Buy by the numbers

brands simplifying the buyer journey for their clients
product descriptions enhanced with useful information
retailers catalogued to know where to buy the product
countries where Click2Buy is boosting brand strategies
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About Click2Buy

Click2Buy is a digital solution that allows brands to facilitate the buyer journey for their clients.

We enhance a brand’s digital communication ecosystem with useful information for the customer.

We allow distributors to benefit from valuable and intentional traffic, free of charge.

We aggregate media, data and a large number of offers and services that revolve around the purchase.

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Our main sectors of activity

DIY – Health and wellbeing – Home electronics – Transportation – FMCG

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