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Since 2018, Amazon has taken the upper hand of product searches by overtaking Google, which currently represents 46% of the requests against 54% for Jeff Bezos’ company. In addition, in France, over 43 million internet users visited e-commerce websites in December 2018. Making it the first time in history that...

Alexa, Google Home, Siri, what future do vocal assistants hold for us ? Today, in the United States almost one in four households are fitted with at least one speaker. This tendency is also noteworthy in Asia where big local digital companies have all created their own speaker : Tencent,...

Today, concerns are emerging about the global data giants, the black gold of the digital age. These titans - Alphabet (Google's holding company), Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft (GAFA) - seem invincible. These are the top five companies in terms of market capitalization. Their results are growing at an exponential rate...

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