Carrefour : biometric payment soon on the French market !

Carrefour : biometric payment soon on the French market !

While in China biometric payment is a widely used and adopted solution, in Europe this type of payment is still in the testing phase. It is Carrefour, which we met at the International Cybersecurity Forum, which after the success of this payment method in its Chinese stores, wishes to introduce this innovation in France very soon. 

Asia is an early adopter of ever more innovative payment solutions. It can be explained in particular by a growing need to reduce the purchasing process. In Europe, another observation is that populations are finding it more difficult to adapt to innovations involving their biometric information. It’s just a question of habit, or rather, of the unusual. Indeed, unlike Europe, some Asian countries are already using biometric databases for the creation of a digital identity card, as in India with the Aadhaar program. Moreover, it is clear that Asia is the forerunner in terms of technological solutions, so the population is more receptive to innovations in this field.

The arrival of payment by facial recognition in France !


Nowadays, one of the most important challenge in retail is to optimise the payment process. This is a response to consumer demand, particularly at points of sale, to limit the time spent in the store. This means reducing the time lost in queues. 

Carrefour has understood what is at stake and is therefore developing innovative technologies such as payment by facial recognition. We explain how it works !

The principle consists in shopping normally. Then accessing checkout terminals that seek to recognize the face of the consumer to validate the payment. It is at the first use that you have to fill in the data in the smartphone application proposed by Carrefour. Application which is the only one to have access to personal data. Then, it’s time to scan the items as in an automatic checkout. Then, it is necessary to let the terminal take a photo with proof of life. This is to allow it to confirm the payment by analyzing the facial nodes. There is no doubt about the time saving that this payment can bring. However what about the reliability of the technology ?

If Carrefour requires a photo with proof of life it is precisely to limit the risk of fraud. Reassuring when you know the reliability of the current technology, even the differentiation of identical twins! 

The safest payment method


What’s more, this technology would have been a great help in this time of covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, since payment is made without any contact with the payment terminal, the risk of contamination is drastically reduced. Of course, it would have been necessary to maintain the safety distances between consumers, remove the mask for the recognition time and disinfect the terminals. However, this is the payment method that is best suited to protect people in this type of context that we are currently experiencing.

The project is currently in the test phase, at the head office in Massy reserved for the exclusive use of employees and this since March 2019. It should therefore be available in shops soon! 

A solution that we hope will be favourably received by French consumers. As Click2Buy’s main goal is to simplify the shopping experience for consumers around the world, we can only be delighted with this news! Until we can take stock of this, offer your customers a smooth shopping experience by giving them access to the availability of your products via all distribution channels and more ! Contact our experts to find out more : 

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