Carrefour at the International Cybersecurity Forum : the blockchain to enhance the customer experience

Carrefour at the International Cybersecurity Forum : the blockchain to enhance the customer experience

The 2020 edition of the FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum) was held in Lille from 28 to 30 January. Guillaume Cécile, Carrefour’s CISO presented their innovations in terms of security. A key topic at Click2Buy, given that we work with major international groups such as Carrefour, Unilever or Michelin. On this occasion, we were able to exchange with him on the group’s new projects, in particular the use of a blockchain for the traceability of their products.

Our partner was able to take advantage of this event to propose digital solutions that improve the customer experience while combining innovative digital security processes. The security that also seems to be at the heart of the Carrefour teams’ concerns.

A blockchain is a technology for storing and accessing information that is decentralized, transparent and secure all at the same time. Information is not stored on a single server but on several so-called network nodes. Moreover, the exchange of this data is done without any intermediary.

Important point: the network nodes are not all here owned by Carrefour. This could call into question the relevance of a private blockchain with centralized governance. In this case, Carrefour announces that it is a private blockchain but with a consortium management. And this because many dairy manufacturers also own nodes of this blockchain.

Carrefour quality line products


The product traceability project currently only applies to Carrefour Bio products. The objective being to prove and offer a guarantee that goes beyond the organic label. Following the various scandals in recent years concerning greenwashing or products unfit for consumption following contamination, consumers need to be reassured. This initiative on the part of the distributor on its own brand aims to maintain consumer confidence. It is no longer a question of shouting loud and clear about quality, but of proving it. 

The products are therefore equipped with QRcodes that the customer can scan with his smartphone. Then all they have to do is enter the product batch number to land on the specific page of the scanned product on the Carrefour Traceability site.


These actions will allow the user to access the mapping of the farms that supplied the ingredients for the final product. When the user clicks, the page of the producer in question appears with the following information : 

  • manufacturing facility
  • information on the farm (number of people working there, seniority, etc.)
  • production with the proportion of ingredients collected from the various producers for the final product 
  • the manufacturing cycle of the product, each stage of which is dated


It is the producers who enter this information directly into a dedicated interface in just a few minutes. The data entered is added to a private blockchain which is itself read by the site. Any alteration of the information is recorded, so if a problem occurs, the source is easily identifiable. In this case, the producer risks its withdrawal from the product range.

The retailer aims to roll out the project on about fifty products in the near future. They objectivize to reach a hundred by the end of the year and to have all Carrefour products concerned by 2022. 

Distributors have been digitalizing and putting these subjects at the centre of their strategies for several years now. Brands too have understood the digital challenges of the modern world. In order to face them, they are integrating innovative services, that allows them to exploit new technologies to put them at the service of the consumer.

The “Where to Buy” is one of these. If you want to know more, ask for a call from one of our sales representatives by clicking here :

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