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Click2Buy solution

Confinement : Disrupted consumption habits

Following the government’s announcement of confinement in response to the spread of the coronavirus, a peak in consumption in the FMCG industry emerged. From the first weekend, the supermarket stores were emptied, leading to a considerable increase in turnover. Temporary or continuous increase? Increase or

Checklist buy now

5 good reasons to do “Buy Now”

The “buy now” Is not only a button to customise your communication media, it will revolutionize your way to communicate. But you, as a brand, what do you get from this? Our 5 good reasons will help you to discover why to use a Buy


How are physical stores being digitized ?

Since the arrival of e-commerce, some fears have emerged about the future disappearance of physical shops. However, these technological advances are not synonymous with the reduction of distribution channels, but instead of enriching them. We now live in a century in which technology and physical

Social Shopping

Is social shopping replacing traditional advertising?

It goes without saying that social media networks have revolutionised our personal lives. Their emergence has facilitated the ease of interpersonal connection more than ever. Both the speed with which social media has grown and their ease of use for consumers, means that increasingly these

Retail Media

Retail Media, a connector in the Brand-Retailer relationship

Since 2018, Amazon has taken the upper hand of product searches by overtaking Google, which currently represents 46% of the requests against 54% for Jeff Bezos’ company. In addition, in France, over 43 million internet users visited e-commerce websites in December 2018. Making it the

Data is the new oil

# Data is the new Oil

Today, concerns are emerging about the global data giants, the black gold of the digital age. These titans – Alphabet (Google’s holding company), Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft (GAFA) – seem invincible. These are the top five companies in terms of market capitalization. Their results are

digital advertisements

The French indifferent to your advertisements !

In 2019, 37% of French people said they did not like advertising and 47% were indifferent to campaigns. Figures up from 2018. Content and targeting optimization is essential to turn the tide. These figures, unveiled by Kantar Media in study “Dimension 2019”, are quite surprising

Instagram for brands

Instagram : Become necessary to brands

In 2017, one-third of the most viewed Instagram stories are from brands that are followed by 80% of users. For several years, brands have used Instagram as a marketing tool in its own right. Today, all the brands are starting to use it, whether BtoC