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The French indifferent to your advertisements !

In 2019, 37% of French people said they did not like advertising and 47% were indifferent to campaigns. Figures up from 2018. Content and targeting optimization is essential to turn the tide.

These figures, unveiled by Kantar Media in study “Dimension 2019”, are quite surprising in the number of campaigns generated to promote brands. From this study emerges a certainty : the static display has lost the interest of the consumer unlike Rich Media and video formats. Thus, the consumer is no longer satisfied with a static creation, broadcast on screens offering multiple possibilities.

The demand of consumers pushes brands to adapt their speeches. Linking the right format, the right target and the right content is a complex but essential exercise that they must follow to capture the attention of their targets.

Once this step is done, the challenge is to understand the different personae behavior.

Collect more data and better interpret them

Whether they are classic (Megabanner, Wide Angle, Skycraper …) or Rich media (post sponsored, pre-roll video, dynamic banner …), the available formats are multiplying to vary your media plans and satisfy the need for novelty of consumers.

In the context of product campaigns, addressed to identified targets, they may experience heterogeneous performance. Thus, the analysis of these performances is essential to know and better understand the needs of consumers in order to achieve a ROIste objective.

Which product is my target most sensitive to? Which retailer does she prefer to turn to? What visual convinces her to switch to purchase? Which distribution channel is the most suitable? And what is ultimately the true conversion rate generated by my campaign?

If you could access this information in real time, would you give another direction to your campaigns?

Let’s say that you and your client have hesitated for a long time between two visuals. And if you had the opportunity to analyze their effectiveness live, on your targets, by determining which of them converted the most?

In particular, this is what Click2Buy allows: Integrating our where to buy solution into your media campaigns means accessing all the data directly related to the purchasing process.

Impressions, clicks, redirects to a retailer, orders entered, conversions, performances of different retailers, devices used by consumers …

An adaptable solution for all digital speaking, Where to Buy is an ideal ally to increase the performance of your devices, while simplifying the customer’s purchasing process.

Want to know more ? To see concrete examples? Download our product sheet “Shoppable video” and do not hesitate to contact us!



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