IFA : The international show of the best tech innovations

From 6 to 11 September 2019 in Berlin takes place the new edition of IFA International fair. The opportunity to discover many innovations of the world’s leading brands of consumer electronics and home appliance markets !

The newness mass

The IFA show is the largest international exhibition dedicated to electronics and home appliance. The fair welcomes more than 1800* exhibitors and visitors from more than 100* countries over 6 days. A real meeting place for brands, retailer and experts from around the world !

Brands present their new flagship products including the biggest annual market innovations. Top or flop, whatever, creations of the year inspire the next in the time of a week during which visitors are projected in the future.

Last year, our collaborator Hisense surprised by unveiling its brand new smartphone : the A6. Indeed, our best friend the smartphone has taken a huge place in our lives thanks to its very convenient format but also for its features. Same goes for books : e-books seduce people by offering the ability to read anywhere and at anytime. You still need to be equipped with an e-reader to avoid the headaches caused by the light of the phone! Well, Hisense proposed to have a two-in-one tool: one side of the device is a smartphone, the second one is an e-reader! A very innovative concept for reading lovers who do not wish to be burdened with both devices.

Many other creations of all kinds are presented at the IFA, which will make the world move forward and simplify our lives ! These incredible products are all gathered at IFA Global Markets, the largest international sourcing platform for the electronics and home appliance market since 2016. An opportunity for companies to grow their networks and explore new technologies and new possibilities.

Click2Buy at the IFA show

An exclusive space for innovation brings together startups, research laboratories of companies and universities : IFA NEXT. An key place for Click2Buy !  Our experts marvel at smart inventions and offer to work with their creators. Because your innovative products need to be easy to find ! 

This is where Click2Buy steps in, supporting you increasing your notoriety, the number of orders and the conversion rate of your digital medias. How ? The role of a Where to Buy solution is to guide the consumer at every step in a simple, directive and exhaustive manner so as not to lose him during the buying process. You might be surprised of the success of such a collaboration !

Want to know more ? Meet us at the IFA Next from 9 to 10 of  September in Berlin ! You will meet our chief happiness officer, Guirec Tiberghien, our clients evangelist, Dorothée Denhaene and Benjamin Aouate and our retail and data manager, Romain Alaimo. 

Feel free to schedule an exchange moment with them via our agenda



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