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What is the “Buy Now”?

When we say “Buy Now” you literally think of the expression “Order now”? You think of call-to-actions from the pure player Amazon? Or you haven’t even heard about it yet? In any case, you are at the right place here to understand this new phenomenon.

In the digital era everything seems to have become more complex: new synergies between the on- and offline, the cross-channel sales and the consumer path. But additionally to the challenge to create a great user experience, there is the question about the conversion: so, how can you transform the traffic on your website into a sales act? Make the consumer path easier and quicker and offer a fluent experience. Accompany the consumer, from your brand’s communication to the visit on the retailer’s website. This is a real challenge of the Buy Now.

How to define the “Buy Now”?

This is how we would define the “Buy Now”: this new activity gathers together all immediate buying solutions that make it possible to shorten the digital consumer path. By integrating the Buy Now solution on your communication media, you can connect your brand to your distribution network (all channels: drive-through, click&collect, delivery…) and avoid dead-end communication. The Buy Now solution transforms all your communication supports into sales channels.

The Buy Now, how does it work?

The Buy Now basically makes all sales options available to all clients when they want to buy your products: the Buy Now answers the question “where to find my product?”.

1 – I click on a call to action (button, QR code)

2 – I locate myself and choose my retailer

3 – I buy the product at my preferred retailer

The Buy Now, for who?

These solutions are made for a whole win-win ecosystem: brands, retailers, users.

You, the brands that commercialise your products in a distribution network that is not your own, will receive a direct ROI from your campaigns and communication media. You also provide a service for your consumers. All sectors and all categories of products are concerned: food products, non-food products, cosmetics, DIY tools, home appliance products, high tech…  

  • You, the referenced retailers in a Buy Now solution, benefit from a qualified traffic generated by the brands. It’s easy, you only need to share your data feeds with us!
  • You, the consumers, you know from now on where to find and buy the products that have captured your attention.

The Buy Now, how to use it?

Implement a call to action “Buy now” (or a different wording: “Order now”; “Where to find”…) on your digital  or print communication supports (QR Code). Once the internet user has clicked on the button, the solution locates the user and displays the closest retailer that has the product in stock. In only one click, the product is added to the basket of the chosen retailer.

All communication supports are eligible to integrate the Buy Now:

  • The brand’s communication: website, social media (Facebook, Pinterest…), videos, newsletters…
  • Campaigns and media plans: banners, RTB, adwords, print (catalogue…)

Buy Now, which performances?

Different indicators make it possible to analyse your performances in order to optimise your conversion rate: the number of clicks on the call to action, the number of engaged orders, the supports that generate the most orders or the digital distribution of your products.

What is next? We will share with you our 10 golden rules of the But Now in order to guarantee the biggest success in your strategy ?

Your Click2Buy team