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Your customers ask you where to buy your products?

You don’t want to choose any of your sellers over another?

You have your own e-shop but your customers don’t make purchase?

Feeling distant from your resellers?


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“Where to buy” white paper 2019 edition

After a first edition released in 2015, here is the new version of our “where to buy” white paper. Its goal, share the best practice, discuss what can be done, or not, whether you are already a user of “where to buy” or if you plan to do so. Our 2019 “where to buy” white paper in 3 steps:

– New challenges of communication at digital age
– Presentation and how “where to buy” works
– Key success factors of a “where to buy” strategy in 2019
– Recent examples

Case studies

Alter Eco Case Study Image

Click2Buy & Smeg France

Click2Buy & La Martiniquaise Group

Click2Buy & Hisense France

Click2Buy & Ben&Jerry’s

Live tests

A single interface

Sales increase

Integration on all media

New and happy customers

Performance analysis

Simplified purchase journey

Téléchargez notre nouvelle édition 2019 du livre blanc
pour tout savoir sur le where to buy

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