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Connect Click2Buy to your communications ecosystem

Easy integration a must have for your brand

The Click2Buy solution builds on the fundamentals of dynamic store locator technologies by enriching the user experience to provide your customers with a more efficient buyer’s journey that is tailored to their needs and sends intentional traffic to your partners.

All your points of sale centralized in one place

Whether it’s through the geolocation of the closest store, or direct access to a distributor online, your clients will immediately know where to buy your product. Practical information such as telephone numbers, GPS directions, hours of operation, etc., is communicated to your clients to simplify their experience.

Real-time updates on product availability

You can choose to display only the points of sale where your products are available, to provide pricing information, or make the stock data from your partners visible. This way, you meet a strong customer expectation and facilitate their decision-making.

Offer your customers all the ways to buy your products

Let your customer choose their preferred method—purchase at the point of sale, drive-through service, click & collect, home delivery—in order to refine their buyer journey and select the right distributor from which to buy your product.

Differentiate yourself and reinforce your brand’s position in the market

Click2Buy is connected to your entire ecosystem: your media, your products, and your distributors’ offers and services. Our sales and technical teams will work with you to develop functionalities specific to your brand and distribution challenges in order to strengthen your positioning and facilitate the buyer journey for your customers.

Add value to your product descriptions

Centralize and enhance the features from your distributor’s product sheets in the consumer’s journey (energy consumption, functionality, design, location of manufacture, etc.). In any case, your customers’ decision will be facilitated by centralizing strategic information in their journey.

Communicate your offers and third party services

Partnership offers (reimbursement policies, accessories, extended warranties, installation, help getting started, etc.), built with or without your distributors, are an opportunity to strengthen your positioning and to allow your customers to plan their purchases and accelerate their decision-making.

Reinforce confidence in your products

Usage tips available on your media, reviews, and product tests by influencers and specialists. All this information can reassure the consumer and help them make a faster decision to buy. 

Try the Click2Buy solution

We have selected an example for you to test our solution.

View the user’s journey on the Ryobi brand website.

RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless Compact Percussion Drill

Ref. R18PD3-0

– Cordless percussion drill ideal for drilling in wood or metal, driving screws or even drilling in masonry thanks to the hammer function
– Keyless chuck for quick and easy bit changes
– 2 gears to control the max speed to match different materials and applications
– 24 torque settings help to drive screws flush every time
– LED lights up your work area for better visibility

Our main sectors of activity

DIY – Health and wellbeing – Home electronics – transportation – FMCG

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