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Hisense, Drive-to-Store Campaigning with a Non-commerce Site


Not yet present in 100% of specialised distributors in France, Hisense seeks to make their advertising investments profitable by helping consumers to identify the points of sale that carry their products.


Facilitate the buyer’s journey for intentional customers by giving them the right information at the right time, and generating qualified traffic for their network of distribution partners.


Hisense’s main site is one of the hubs of their communication ecosystem. As they do not have an e-commerce platform, Hisense wanted to enrich their non-commercial site to enable their customers to find their products more easily and facilitate purchases.


Relying on qualified traffic from the non-commercial site to generate intentional traffic to the partners' points of sale. Facilitating the buyer’s journey by being transparent about real-time product availability. Gaining precise metrics on the product’s performance.