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Legrand, Making Strategic Innovations Accessible to the General Public


Since the launch of their new corporate website promoting their connected products line, Legrand sought to facilitate access to their innovations for the general public and professionals in order to offer them the most adapted digital solutions.


With a non-commercial site and communications focused on the use of their innovations, Legrand needed to transform their growing traffic into qualified traffic that is conducive to conversion. Facilitating the purchasing process by referring customers to points of sale that carry their products is in line with this strategy.


Without overhauling their distribution strategy, Legrand aimed to enhance their commercial website and community communications, simply and without any complex IS interventions. With a customised solution to facilitate the buyer journeys of their audiences and measure the impact on conversions, the brand continues to put its distributors first.


Facilitate the buyer journey and analyse its fluidity in order to optimise it, increase sales volume and measure the impact of communication media on conversion rates.