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Schneider, making technology more human and more accessible


Schneider Consumer Group is a player in the household appliances market. For several years, they have specialised in buying and relaunching French brands. As their brand awareness communications generate discovery traffic on their non-commercial website, Schneider wanted to guide their visitors on their buying journey.


The strategic challenge for Schneider was to make their brand known, to attract new customers into their brand universe and to inform as many people as possible of the partners that distribute their products.


As Schneider's non-commercial site is the receptacle of a communication ecosystem impacting the brand's notoriety, Schneider's main expectation was to enhance their non-commercial site simply and without any complex IS intervention in order to facilitate their audience’s buyer journey and help them easily find where to buy products.


Transforming a non-commercial site into a drive-to-store communication medium, communicating to consumers the closest distribution locations, generating intentional traffic to partners, gaining information to strengthen strategic relationships with partners.