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TTI and the DIY Market: The Challenges of 3 Innovative Brands


Enthusiasm for housing and Do It Yourself is growing, leading consumers who want to renovate their homes to make choices between different types of equipment. The TTI brands already recognised for their reliability are a major advantage for differentiating themselves in a competitive market.


In a market where the customer journey is strategic, TTI's desire is to guide customers in order to help them find the right tool, adapted to their needs, at the right time. At the same time, a challenge for TTI is to control the distribution weight of some of their partners.


The Milwaukee, AEG and Ryobi brands want to capitalise on the discovery traffic of their non-commercial site to generate intentional traffic to their partner outlets. The strategy is to display only those points of sale that have real-time access to the products, whether physical or online, while favouring certain distributors for strategic reasons.


Guide customers, facilitate their buyer journey, increase sales volume, optimise digital investments and access sales trends to adapt distribution strategies.